Exclusive lash vendor list

Exclusive lash vendor list

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This is the vendor list you need to save your lash business thousands of dollars. 

This vendor list includes 5 of the best lash vendors ever. I just saved you time from having to sample so many different products from so many different manufactures. 

If you want to start a lash supply line this is the vendor list for you. 

If you want to order in bulk to save money, this vendor list is for you.

I will walk you through how to communicate with lash vendors, and do and dont's when dealing with vendors.

What vendors to expect

  • Lash trays (Cahsmere, silk, pbt fibers)
  • Lash Glue
  • Lash shampoo
  • Lash remover 
  • Lash Fans 
  • Lash supplies (spoolies, mascara wands, lip applicators, mannequins, and more)